You know that 3TB hard drive that Western Digital slapped into its range of My Book external units earlier this month? Looks like it’s finally ready to free itself from those shackles. WD has today announced that it’s shipping the component 3TB Caviar Green drive (WD30EZRSDTL) by its lonesome, perfect for those looking to beef up their NAS drives or just add a capacious archive drive to their SSD-equipped desktop rig. The 3TB monster is hitting just under two years after the 2TB Caviar Green went official, with this guy boasting 750 GB-per-platter areal density and Advanced Format technology. The outfit’s also shipping a 2.5TB version (WD25EZRSDTL) for those who aren’t quite able to swallow the full three, and both of ‘em are bundled with an Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI)-compliant Host Bus Adapter (HBA), which will enable the operating system to use a known driver with correct support for large capacity drives. Both units should be available to purchase from respected retailers as we speak, with the 3TB demanding $239 and the 2.5TB unit going for $189. Remember when the world’s first 1TB drive in this form factor debuted for $400? Yeah… not too shabby!