A leading UK retailer has let slip some details on what it expects from the next-gen iPod touch — and you don’t need to look much further than the iPhone 4 for some clues.
According to John Lewis, which cites, “noises we’re hearing from suppliers”, the next-gen device will be equipped for FaceTime Wi-Fi video chat, with a 5-megapixel camera, a front-facing camera, an LED flash and the capacity to capture video in HD (720p probably).
With support for iOS4 (which we reckon should also reach iPad about that time) the next-gen ‘touch will also offer the same movement sensors as the iPhone 4, the retailer reckons.
That’s not beyond the boundaries of good sense — after all, games and other titles designed to take advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer and gyroscope will be hitting the App Store, so the hardware must support these features to be a peer player.
This suggests to me that the device might be powered by the A4 processor Apple utilises in its iPad and iPhone 4.
Given the eternally-discussed but still entirely speculative nature of the iTunes in the cloud rumor, will the iPod touch support 3G?
That’s on the doubtful side, as this would imply support for VoIP, and I don’t believe Apple is quite ready to read headlines helpfully informing the company that the iPod touch is cannibalizing iPhone sales.
However, should 3G support not be present, this suggests some elements of portability will exist in the cloudy iTunes service, in order that users can carry some tracks with them when their devices are offline. Spotify, MOG and others already enable this.
Apple’s next music event is likely to be in time for the holiday shopping season, usually early September.