Office for Mac 2011 is out

It’s official, Office 2011 for Mac is out, and from what we’re hearing on main street, this is getting people excited. Why? Usually because the previous email experience with Entourage was horrible. Entourage was slow, was getting clogged for no reason and crashed. Mac Mail isn’t much better with Exchange unfortunately: sometime it would not sync, which is a pity for a cloud-based email system. Outlook for Mac represents a new hope.

Outlook and the other Office apps also look more like the original PC version, so users should find their marks more easily than in previous generations of Office for Mac. That said, we didn’t think that Word or Excel were *that* problematic before. We haven’t tested it yet, but if you’re an Outlook user who wants to jump on the Mac boat, it’s time to take another look. Ironically, this might help a bunch of PC users to "switch" to Mac. However, Office is simply too important for Microsoft to be used as a political tool. Good choice