The Apple TV was once revered as the device that could potentially change television for the better. Today, many people say the Apple TV is a product that is on its death bed. Often called a “hobby” product by it’s maker (until the Google TV was announced), the Apple TV could be making a comeback if a new New York Times article is correct.

According to the blog article, people familiar with the upcoming revamp said the new device has a redesigned interfaced based around iOS (you know, the renamed operating system for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad). Also noted was that Apple had recently hired several people for the project with background in television broadcast design.

If Apple does go with an iOS designed Apple TV, it could lead the way for third party applications on the device (i.e. Hulu and Netflix) without the need to hack it to get those features.

Of course, there have been rumors circulating the Apple TV for a few years, and while the Apple TV has remained the same since it’s initial launch, it could be the right time for Apple to change things up. One recent rumor was that a new Apple TV could go on sale for as little as $99.

This is still very much wait and see, but if the New York Times article and other rumors are any justification, you may be seeing a new Apple TV in your living room sometime in the near future.