We’re reporting live from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, where Google’s just taken the wraps off its latest software product. The announcement itself is taking its time right now, with background facts like Google recently crossing the one billion users a week milestone, but the Google Instant service has been activated and you can see details about its immediate result delivery at the source below. Basically, the Goog no longer waits for you to hit Enter while searching and starts updating its results page Instantly as you type. Google describes it as a fundamental shift in seach and you can find more details along with its warm and fuzzy video introduction after the break.

Google Instant international screenshots

Google Instant press conference pictures

Google Instant isn’t yet available for mobile, but the plan is to "release it soon." The service is rolling out right now to signed-in users — some of us even got to use it ahead of the announcement — but it’s pretty much a question of luck as to when you might get it over the next few days. The UK, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Spain join the United States as the first countries to benefit from this new hotness, while Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 8 are the first supported browsers. Native browser integration is also promised over the next few months, presumably meaning that when you search through your address bar, results will start flooding in before you’ve even finished asking the question.
Boom! One press of the "w" key brought up local weather results instantaneously. Google’s also integrated a predictive algorithm into Instant, which it describes as a "psychic element … in that we’re able to predict what you’re going to type. Google becomes search before you type." Scroll to search is another touted feature, whereby going up or down through the suggested dropbox searches (as in the image above) also automatically updates your results in line with the suggestion you’ve got highlighted.
One curious side note: there’s an ever-growing counter on the side of the stage, which just crossed the 20,000 mark. Our suspicion is that’s the number of Google Instant search users active so far. Or maybe it’s something even more awesome, who knows!
Ooh, the mobile version is coming this fall. We’ve lifted the testing address for the mob version from their presentation. Hit it up here to check it out for yourself. The best quote we can leave you with from this event is the following: "search is fast, Google Instant’s even faster."
P.S. — The counter’s past 30,000 right now, rolling along at about 625 whatevers a minute. We’re not leaving till we know what this is about.
P.P.S. — Success! The counter represented hours saved by using Google Instant. According to these witty guys, Instant has already saved 36,000 hours with its speediness, and they estimate it’ll accumulate a cool 350 million saved hours over the course of a year.