Frankly, we are not amused. Here’s a prototype MacBook Air from April that Engadget dug up.


According to the person with the goods, it is a 13-inch variety, just like the current version.  We’re obviously noticing those new battery compartments where the hard drive/SSD used  to be.  Additionally we’re seeing a black hinge which would make it look a little more ‘modern’.  We’re also seeing USB plugs on the left and right sides, Mini DisplayPort and an SD card reader on the left, and a power plug on the right.

But here’s where it goes bad:Same processor and 2GB of RAM as the current model.  Someone wake us up from this bad dream.  Hopefully, as Engadget states, this is an early prototype and, if nothing else, at least 4GB of RAM and the current MacBook Pro processor/chipset makes its way into the shipping version.