Remember that mysterious Windows Phone 7-powered ASUS from early August? Turns out it showed up at Gnomedex this year, and there’s video floating around to prove it. The phone stars in a nearly 12-minute epic detailing the various parts of the platform — all of which we’ve seen before — but obviously, our attention is focused squarely on this hardware that we haven’t really seen before (and looks very different from the ASUS device that Microsoft was using to demo WP7 in the early days). It’s hard to say if the talk of an AMOLED display is true — or whether this is a retail or near-retail piece of hardware — so we’d hold off on saving up for this one just yet. Since Garmin-Asus came into existence, ASUS’ phone efforts have been squarely focused on the joint venture — and seeing how this steady supply of prototype hardware proves that they’ll be making commercial WP7 devices, it’ll be interesting to see whether Garmin’s involved. Follow the break for the full video.