There you have it. Shockingly enough, iMovie, iPhoto, and GarageBand have all been modernized sufficiently to merit having their names appended with ’11. iPhoto ’11 is taking the early demo lead in the live event, with hot new slideshow themes. Gee, Steve, you’re building it up nice and slow, huh? There are added Facebook and email sharing enhancements and new full screen modes that make it look a lot like … an iPad app.


iMovie ’11 will freshen up the audio editing options (finally!) and add "one step effects," a People Finder that identifies individuals in movie clips, and an apparently effortless movie trailer maker. Intriguing. The audio tweaks include per-segment sound levels adjustments as well as easy fade sliders, there are also additional new audio effects for people to play around with. 24fps video editing and output is now supported, allowing you to export more film-like trailers using the templates thrown into this new software. Good news on the upload front too, as direct sharing to Facebook and Vimeo has also been added.



Apple is adding FlexTime, Groove Matching, more guitar and amp effects, new piano and guitar lessons, and finally a "How Did I Play" feature to GarageBand ’11. Groove Matching can be summarized with a quote from the Cupertino crew’s Xander Soren: "it’s like an automatic spellchecker for bad rhythm." As to "How Did I Play," that’s a mixture of post-play analysis and a Rock Band-like live note monitor, which highlights in green the notes you strike correctly or in red the ones you miss. It works with both the guitar and piano.



iLife ’11 is available today, as a free extra on new Macs or as a $49 upgrade on differently new Apple machines. Full press release is now embedded after the break.